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mybigfannie asked: You cute


bloodg1rl asked: How do you do your eyebrows?

Very carefully lol - I’m not a makeup person. But I mainly just strive for natural brows. I use a light sable brown pencil on the middle and ends of my brows, comb them out, and follow up with a brow brush and matte brown brow shadow. I do the inside corners with the brush and shadow bc I think drawing that part in looks super harsh. Some ladies like the dramatic brow but it’s not for me.

Have fun!

the-truealpha asked: They definitely need to make a better msging system for tumblr. Luckily we're following each other already. Thanks for the follow back. Wasn't expecting it lol most people on here are snobs

I agree Tumblr needs a legit messaging system.

And for sure! I like to follow the people that interact with me online…isn’t that the point? People get so Hollywood with social media…Like they’re so fine they can’t acknowledge other people. That’s wack…

classvillian asked: You are so beautiful

Mucho appreciated ^_^ thanks

mikeholdher asked: You definitely got me respect for that Aaliyah post. Sad part is most people in this next generation won't even know who she is. that girl was truly amazing.

Aaliyah will always be in a class of her own.

f1shscaale asked: What's your nationality?

I’ve got that Asian persuasion. 😎